Episode 7 Erin Robinson: Let the hurricane come!

Erin Robinson, Co-Founder of Grateful Farms (Lakewood-CO -USA), is a HeartMath Certified Trainer and Horse Guided Empowerment Facilitator and Mentor. Erin uses her experience in leadership, coaching, personal trauma, grief and resilience to guide folks through an impactful journey of self-discovery and awareness. With compassion and love, Erin and her horses help others discover the profound inner wisdom and trust that resides within us all.
Erin’s  Phoenix Frequency is gratitude.
You can contact Erin at erin.robinson78 @gmail.com
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Episode 6 How to catch yourself befóre you fall

When emotions rise, your thinking capacity drops, and you likely get reactive based on impulsiveness. 
After facing collateral damage because of being reactive, Nienke developed her personal manual, how to recognise what is going on inside when you can’t see that from the outside. A self-honest inquiry, heart-vulnerable, gives clarity for herself and to trusted people around her to help her based on the signals she could communicate upfront, so they can help. 
What is your manual to catch yourself before you fall into the trap of reactiveness based on triggers? 
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Episode 5 The bravest thing to ask.

“What is the bravest thing you’ve ever said? asked the boy.
‘Help,’ said the horse.
‘Asking for help isn’t giving up,’ said the horse. ‘It’s refusing to give up.”

― Charlie Mackesy, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
How to be courageous enough to ask for help when it doesn’t feel safe or when life numbs you. Nienke shares about transference-countertransference and projection around asking for help as an obstacle for safety in the drama triangle.  As a perceived Do it Yourself single woman, unclarity can create blurry boundaries and unwanted consequences. It’s OK to be not OK, and the bravest thing you can do is ask for help. 
Because listening in a non-violent way creates space to become OK again without fixing but from receiving from a neutral perspective. Then, you can become courageously grateful for receiving support.  

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Episode 4 Givers and pleasers, receivers and takers frequencies.

“For years, I thought I was a giver, serving others by giving. However, responses from others changed how I felt about my actions. I was ‘othering’ my self-esteem”. 
In this episode, Nienke speaks about the matrix of feeling self-worthy. From there, it is easier to tap into the frequencies you want to be with: the giver or the pleaser, the receiver or the taker. It’s never about ‘others’; it is how you choose to be with them from your perspective. You are responsible for your actions, not how others receive them.
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Episode 3 The mirror of reacting

Little did I know when I started these podcast series, a huge life’s curve ball would be on my path. Now, I got the opportunity to move from being reactive or responsive to the Phoenix Frequency. Facing myself with a pause in the mirror. 
Becoming a widow and facilitating my husband in his transition wasn’t just a sad episode; it also was a gift to close the circle we created in 23 years in a healthy way.
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Episode 2 Being the eye of the storm

Being the eye of storms in life, Nienke saw that as a strength for a long time….
After the first Phoenix Frequencies went live, Nienke got many requests to share her background and the drive behind this podcast. 
From a very young age, Nienke learned it was rewarding to look after others. 
No wonder she became a nurse. 
The quality of listening to others, empathy and staying calm became attractive to others. Supporting others became a pattern in Nienke’s life. Until a benign brain tumour showed her a different path.  
Only a full stop made a transformation possible. The ashes. 
Based on four questions and rising awareness around Matyrhood, Nienke found her way up. 
Use it if it helps you, share it if it can help others.
Dare to rise.

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The Start episode 1 October 2023

It is time to rise. The Phoenix frequency podcast series has started.
Where life seems to have burned you down, the Phoenix frequencies might be a resource for you.
It is time to rise with the frequency that fits you in your life’s purpose.

Sources of Inspiration
More about Nienke

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We are all responsible for how we show up in the world, to others, ánd to ourselves. With Phoenix Frequencies, Nienke van Bezooijen shines her light on what we can do to be the best versions of ourselves based on how we show up and what we are willing to learn. It isn’t about showing the way with pretended positivity, it is the heart-based vulnerability-sharing options. It takes courage to rise. See what is for you. Or share with others. Perfect doesn’t exist; curiosity can be the stepping stone to broaden your perspectives.
If you want to be interviewed as a phoenix, write to heartbraincoachnienke @gmail.com

Are you adding life to your days or days to your life?

How we perceive our quality of life can be very different. It goes beyond the popular term mindset.
No matter how small it seems to others, we can all add life to our days rather than adding days to our lives. Nienke’s gran Emma became nearly 99 years old. Till the day she died, at least she tried to add value for herself and others by adding lifequalities to her days. She had a healthy and empathic style of interest. Although her self-esteem wasn’t high based on her own opinion, she shared: with a child’s hand to guide where they don’t dare, I can move mountains and rise above myself: being at service. Sincere listening to each other fueled her well-being.
How do you live your days?
If there comes a phoenix moment in your lifetime, it can be a start to redefining the qualities of your new lifedesign. The other option is adding day by day till your last day. What is your legacy, then?
In the rat race of working life, we often forget we truly have a choice in how we design our days. If you come from a place where you don’t listen to what you need to keep up your energy to sustain, you are just a concatenation of your days.
If you take a pause and listen, what do you, really, want and what do you let be in the way to reach that? These are just some questions to contemplate.

Special thanks for the inspiration to Dr. Sander de Hosson, who is a real advocate for the quality of life of his patients even if there is no longer a cure possible. Care is what we all can add till the last breath.
You can read Nienke’s book, My Life with Emma, Moving Mountains in Silence to read more about Emma. Kindle $1 on Amazon 

You can listen to the full episode here.