Transformation Doula

We can look at our life events in different ways—happy, sad, or even traumatising.
If you want to move forward in life, using all learned experiences as stepping stones and opportunities for growth is helpful.
If you get stuck in reliving only your past events, it can create a feeling of getting strangled up in an area you don’t want to be in any longer.
In the longer term, it can facilitate health issues, physical or mental.

Nienke started her working life in healthcare as a nurse. Particularly patients in transition, life and death, became the area where Nienke was serving at her top level of reach at that time. Being at service when babies were born and later a hospice nurse, Nienke was creating a safe space for whatever was happening.

In the next decade of her life, she worked in leadership positions and developed listening and action skills for leading organisations. Her capacity to ‘tune in’ to what was needed was useful but, in the end, no longer aligned with her life’s purpose. Even her BA degree and shifting organisations weren’t of any help. Only a stepping stone.

Finally, it occurred to Nienke that entrepreneurship was a better fit in that decade.
Life showed it was time to give voice to what really matters in life. Supporting people to find their voice and help them express themselves.
She expressed her own voice by publishing several books. The Speaker Success Solution and the E.A.S.E . method to support public speaking.
And live evolved, so after another decade it was time to shift again. Nienke wrapped up her public speaker career for herself with a TED talk. This talk was chosen to be published on the official TED platform as well.

In 2021 it was time to move on again. Living a heartsmart life in collaboration with HeartMath Institute, HeartAmbassadors and the Fyera foundation.
Her ABI served her to listen beyond what is said. To sense what is needed in the next level.
Life prepared her for what life is now. Now it is time to work with what people can pick up from her. The Phoenix Frequencies podcast expresses that, to start with into the world.
Her personal mentoring, for those who are ready to do the work, is a natural result as well.