Episode 2 Sophie Tebbitt: The fire was a blessing in disguise

Sophie grew up believing that she was a bad girl and no one could possibly love her!  She was very good at proving herself right and left a trail of moderate destruction behind her!  Very luckily, she met and married Steve, who caused her to start questioning this belief and ignited a curiosity in her about what was out there.  What was life really about?  Why were we here?  What was the way out of suffering apart from the obvious escapist strategies which she employed in the past?  Her quest led her down many interesting paths.  Her life was studded with grief and loss, but her understanding that she could somehow learn from these experiences led her to accept whatever experiences arose fully.  In this, we can create miracles.  In accepting the fire in her house as a blessing (in deep, deep disguise), that is what it became.

More about This bog life project. Corstown Bridge community Bog Project, near Ardee, Co Louth
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