Bonus Episode around Valentines Day

On Valentine’s Day, so many of us speak about love, and in a sincere or commercialized way, love can become a tricky thing. What if you are missing out on someone else’s expression of love?  What if this day is full of expectations or disappointments?
What if you would receive a card with the words you say to yourself when you don’t reach your own expectations? Would you receive that card with joy and love?
Many religions hijack Self-love as a sin. But love, expression and experience of love can become a source for a ceasefire within ourselves.
You don’t need to approve all behaviour and actions of other people and yourself: you can always add love.
Happy Valentine’s Day. 
If you want to read or hear more about love without adding an agenda to it, Nienke recommends her favourite resources: 
Love for no Reason  by Marci Shimoff and Being the Source of Love by Sheva Carr.

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