Living from the heart

When asked about my ‘why’ and what drives and motivates me, my answer has changed over the years.
In 2019, the first signals of taking another junction in life occurred.
Living by serving so many other people first before looking after myself nearly cost my life.
In 2021, I faced my point of no return as a gift.
The shift I had to make was living my life based on my souls’ values.

From the moment I phoenixed myself into a frequency of energy giving rather than draining, I reinvented my new way of living. Living from my hearts wisdom and guidance.
Not because my mind needs to be less important. I learned the true strength of alignment of the heart and brain intuition.

With HeartMath ® emotional self-regulation tools and the Heartambassadors skills for daily practice, I found my way up again.

By now, I know how to recognise the areas where I lose energy. I learned to prepare myself and become resilient when pressure shows up in daily life.
I trained myself to catch myself befóre I fall.

The people I work with all experience roadblocks in life. Whether you name it the glass ceiling, burn-out or bored-out, or you struggle with undefined stress symptoms, emotional self-regulation can help you prepare, reset and sustain your resilience.

People who want to gain that resilience too but are still searching for how to ‘get’ there:
I can be your mentor.