Episode 7 Show me you care, not your overcare

Many people think if they show enough perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, emotional attachment, feelings of worry, anxiety, or guilt, they might look as if they care about something or someone. The reality is different. It shows your óvercare. Overcare is always draining your energy, either for yourself or for others. But who cares?
Well, if you ever experienced the difference, you know that true care is motivating and inspiring. It conveys respect and support. It is also very important: it allows us to be resilient under pressure in life. That’s a Phoenix Frequency!
This podcast is also a tribute to Denis Campbell, who died in 2021. ‘Show Me You Care’ was his last book and source of inspiration for this podcast. How do YOU show you care? In care or overcare? It is up to you if you know the difference after this podcast. 

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