Episode 1 2023 The start

It is time to rise. The Phoenix frequency podcast series has started.
Where life seems to have burned you down, the Phoenix frequencies might be a resource for you.
It is time to rise with the frequency that fits your life’s purpose.

Sources of Inspiration
More about Nienke

We are all responsible for how we show up in the world, to others, ánd to ourselves. With Phoenix Frequencies, Nienke van Bezooijen shines her light on what we can do to be the best versions of ourselves based on how we show up and what we are willing to learn. It isn’t about showing the way with pretended positivity, it is the heart-based vulnerability-sharing options. It takes courage to rise. See what is for you. Or share with others. Perfect doesn’t exist; curiosity can be the stepping stone to broaden your perspectives.
If you want to be interviewed as a phoenix, write to heartbraincoachnienke @gmail.com

Listen to the first episode here or on Spotify.