2023 podcasts

On her ‘re-birthday’, Nienke started the Phoenix Frequencies podcast series to give a spark of inspiration to the people who face shifts in life. A celebrational start on October 12th 2023: Her second re-birthday.
We all have a choice about how we design our lives. Living our past or creating, based on what we learned from the past, our future.
Like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, healing with gold is the beauty of your scars.

Phoenix rises: It isn’t the ash that IS your life; it is the rising from the ash that makes life fertile.
In this podcast, I share how I relearned to live based on the present.
Weekly, I give short episodes with food for thought.
Or I interview another phoenix who faced obstacles and moved beyond them. The real thing is that we learn more from what and how we learn than from the pretended positivity.
As a HeartBraincoach and HeartAmbassador, I love to explore with curiosity the unexpected perspectives in redesigning your life as a phoenix.