The Phoenix Frequencies

Nienke van Bezooijen from the Netherlands and Daeyoung Kim from South Korea are ambassadors for a world where authentic self-expression and emotional intelligence are the norm, not the exception. On request, Nienke shares how Heartmath™ HeartCoherence works. The HeartMath™ research and Nienkes Phoenix Frequencies work they want to use for people with mental challenges and addiction problems. Korea is aiming to see how horses can support humans. In the current world, addiction and mental health problems are costing lives and pulling societies down. Emotional self-regulation and understanding why we became so vulnerable to rushed energy and substitutes for feeling good gives us a portal to transform into behaviour that trains our resilience and protects us from increasing (mental) health crises. You can contact us at or


Horses are not only receptive to pick up if we feel upset.
They also can sense appreciative feelings.
Even more than that, horses can help humans connect with their heart-intelligence brain cells. Increasing the feeling of wellbeing and reducing stress in a way humans to humans can’t do.

Support in mental Health

Worldwide, more people die from stress-related health issues than from natural disasters or war. The WHO research shows that the majority of illnesses leading to death have their roots in heart disease-related issues. Understanding and practising Heart Coherence can open the portal to transform this negative spiral worldwide.

We stand for support in increasing your psychological immune system sustainably by your own inner power


Nienke and Deayoung are developing webinars, training, coaching and mentoring for people who are longing to counter their health challenges.
In retreats, we facilitate the portal you can access at any time yourself to turn the tide.

Daeyoung Kim (Korea) &
Nienke van Bezooijen
The Netherlands