Values & Skills

Rather than a CV Summary, it says more about who you chose to be with if you know a person’s values and skills.

Core values

The core values Nienke lives from are:
Wisdom, listening, compassion, intuition, care, integrity, joy, empathy, openness, self-reflection, dignity, respect, curiosity, creativity, and presence.

The areas Nienke doesn’t flourish from are:
Competitive comparison, polarization and judgment, overpowering, narrow-mindedness, victimhood, obstinance and ego-proving intentions.

The people Nienke works with are open to investigating their values and face patterns that are not serving them in life. Sometimes, that means an uneasy self-honesty process before these patterns can be transformed. What might been at service to become where you are now doesn’t mean you have to continue doing what you have done so far. It takes courage and vulnerability to make these shifts. Not everybody desires or dares to go there and act upon these insights, and that’s fine.


Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Program development
Emotional Self-regulation, Personal development
HeartMath Coherence Advantage
Trauma healing
Presentation and public speaking


Nienke’s listening skills go beyond physical hearing. Hearing and listening are totally different areas for Nienke. The more deaf she became on her left side, the better she could hear in other areas. That’s why people come to her and get the reflection of what she hears. It is often an unseen perspective. Revealing and an eye-opener to move on. Her reflection style can be received as Dutch direct and never without respect.

Training, Coaching, Mentoring.

People often ask Nienke what the difference is between those three areas.
1. Training is teaching people new skills or knowledge. In combination with program development, Nienke was at the foundation of iQ-coaches, an organisation that trains people to become autism coaches. The program is now approved at the university level in the Netherlands.
Within her company, Presentation Master Nienke developed a train-the-trainer program so that more professionals can use a licence for her Public Speaking method E.A.S.E.
Within HeartMath and HeartMastery, Nienke is trained and licenced to train people in the Coherent Advantage program and the HeartMastery program.

2. Coaching in Nienke’s approach facilitates individual or small group-based integration of newly learned skills or knowledge. A coach stands beside you and supports you in learning to self-correct yourself. For a decade, Nienke (and her licensees) trained and coached around 300 TEDx speakers to share their ideas worth spreading with the world.
In coaching, Nienke is trained to coach peopling in healing trauma based on the training of Sheva Carr.

3. Mentoring is for people who have done their personal development and worked on their integration but feel they have reached a level of accomplishment that is no longer fulfilling. These people are open to exploring and elevating to the next level, even if they can’t see where that leads, yet.

4. Program development can be a natural result for people who like to share their gained knowledge and skills, integrated and elevated to the next level.
Nienke facilitated several entrepreneurs to create their programs, mastermind groups or write their books. Nienke is trained and deeply skilled to structure the martial with people as a stepping stone for their content or program growth.
In the field of peacebuilding, Nienke’s most fulfilling and successful program was the 4-month program of the Building Bridges, Connecting Worlds initiative. It brought together women, men and youth in collaborating groups sponsored by large companies or entrepreneurs to facilitate peacebuilding projects f.e. in Yemen.

Emotional Selregulation

In the past, most of Nienke’s work was based on transferring knowledge, and integration life showed Nienke that the largest part of fallbacks is based on the capacity of emotional self-regulation. After the radiotherapy and the ABI caused by that she faced, there was no other way out than to self-regulate. Whether you do your personal development or want to overcome blockages in public speaking, emotional self-regulation, f.e. with HeartMath or HeartMastery techniques, can be the entrance to creating energy and time-space in your life. Emotional self-regulation can’t be seen separately from personal development for Nienke. The areas where you allow the alignment between the heart and the brain are the areas where deep personal development starts.