Episode 11 Ceasefire starts within ourselves

If we want to create a peaceful world, we must first be aware of how we are doing within ourselves. How peaceful is your self-talk? Is that as uplifting, encouraging and compassionate as you want to be for others or our world? 

In this Xmas 2023 podcast, Nienke shares five simple steps to reframe yourself to a frequency serving peace rather than war within ourselves. 

You may need some mediation between your head and your heart first; that’s fine. Use Nienke’s test to find out who is talking to you: your head or your heart. From there, you can take your response-ability.  

For what frequencies do you want to be known for or be remembered for?
The complainer, attention seeker, gossipper, naming, blaming and shaming, judgemental righteous bias fighter to protect yourself and keep your armour up at all times? 
Or someone who listens, authentically, who can pause and follow through based on resonse-ability, empathy based on compassion and real care?  It’s up to you. 
Ceasefire starts within ourselves. 

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Episode 10 Get yourself out of Pity City

When adversity kicks in, old patterns and behaviour will knock on your door instantly.
You can ‘kill’ the discomfort with painkillers or be with it, like how lobsters grow.
Although Nienke got advice from her professor at the university hospital LUMC to avoid becoming ill at all costs, to protect her ABI, but.. she got a heavy flu. Adversity! 
We all have a choice we can make: the highway to Pity City or take another junction. 
She shares how she handled that based on her Phoenix Frequencies in this podcast. 

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Episode 9 Ambition or Mission

The Life Energy Institute played a significant role in the shift from ambitious drive to mission alignment. I convinced myself I would never do a ‘business course’ again. Striving to become important in the field of business building and entrepreneurship. Funnels, social media followers. I used to be in that world and even taught people how to get there.
But I phoenixed and came out a different way.
Even these podcasts are a result of what I found, not because of…. just because I have a cause.
The Life Energy Institute cause you can find here.
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Episode 8 You don’t need courage to shift

What if you don’t need courage to be sparked by fear? What if you can act, what looks to the outside world as courageous but is natural for you because it is your choice?
If you love the shift possibility so much, what seems courageous can become an effortless effort. You can add supporters to find that frequency, like curiosity, wisdom, and vulnerability. 
With the ‘good intention season’ coming up you can give it a shot, for the fun of a different perspective, an unexpected new perspective.  

You can listen to the full episode 8 here or on Spotify.

Episode 7 Erin Robinson: Let the hurricane come!

Erin Robinson, Co-Founder of Grateful Farms (Lakewood-CO -USA), is a HeartMath Certified Trainer and Horse Guided Empowerment Facilitator and Mentor. Erin uses her experience in leadership, coaching, personal trauma, grief and resilience to guide folks through an impactful journey of self-discovery and awareness. With compassion and love, Erin and her horses help others discover the profound inner wisdom and trust that resides within us all.
Erin’s  Phoenix Frequency is gratitude.
You can contact Erin at erin.robinson78 @gmail.com
Or on Social Media

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Episode 6 How to catch yourself befóre you fall

When emotions rise, your thinking capacity drops, and you likely get reactive based on impulsiveness. 
After facing collateral damage because of being reactive, Nienke developed her personal manual, how to recognise what is going on inside when you can’t see that from the outside. A self-honest inquiry, heart-vulnerable, gives clarity for herself and to trusted people around her to help her based on the signals she could communicate upfront, so they can help. 
What is your manual to catch yourself before you fall into the trap of reactiveness based on triggers? 
You can listen to the full Episode 6 here or on Spotify.

Episode 5 The bravest thing to ask.

“What is the bravest thing you’ve ever said? asked the boy.
‘Help,’ said the horse.
‘Asking for help isn’t giving up,’ said the horse. ‘It’s refusing to give up.”

― Charlie Mackesy, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
How to be courageous enough to ask for help when it doesn’t feel safe or when life numbs you. Nienke shares about transference-countertransference and projection around asking for help as an obstacle for safety in the drama triangle.  As a perceived Do it Yourself single woman, unclarity can create blurry boundaries and unwanted consequences. It’s OK to be not OK, and the bravest thing you can do is ask for help. 
Because listening in a non-violent way creates space to become OK again without fixing but from receiving from a neutral perspective. Then, you can become courageously grateful for receiving support.  

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Episode 4 Givers and pleasers, receivers and takers frequencies.

“For years, I thought I was a giver, serving others by giving. However, responses from others changed how I felt about my actions. I was ‘othering’ my self-esteem”. 
In this episode, Nienke speaks about the matrix of feeling self-worthy. From there, it is easier to tap into the frequencies you want to be with: the giver or the pleaser, the receiver or the taker. It’s never about ‘others’; it is how you choose to be with them from your perspective. You are responsible for your actions, not how others receive them.
You can listen to the full Episode here or on Spotify.

Episode 3 The mirror of reacting

Little did I know when I started these podcast series, a huge life’s curve ball would be on my path. Now, I got the opportunity to move from being reactive or responsive to the Phoenix Frequency. Facing myself with a pause in the mirror. 
Becoming a widow and facilitating my husband in his transition wasn’t just a sad episode; it also was a gift to close the circle we created in 23 years in a healthy way.
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Episode 2 Being the eye of the storm

Being the eye of storms in life, Nienke saw that as a strength for a long time….
After the first Phoenix Frequencies went live, Nienke got many requests to share her background and the drive behind this podcast. 
From a very young age, Nienke learned it was rewarding to look after others. 
No wonder she became a nurse. 
The quality of listening to others, empathy and staying calm became attractive to others. Supporting others became a pattern in Nienke’s life. Until a benign brain tumour showed her a different path.  
Only a full stop made a transformation possible. The ashes. 
Based on four questions and rising awareness around Matyrhood, Nienke found her way up. 
Use it if it helps you, share it if it can help others.
Dare to rise.

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