Episode 11 Ceasefire starts within ourselves

If we want to create a peaceful world, we must first be aware of how we are doing within ourselves. How peaceful is your self-talk? Is that as uplifting, encouraging and compassionate as you want to be for others or our world? 

In this Xmas 2023 podcast, Nienke shares five simple steps to reframe yourself to a frequency serving peace rather than war within ourselves. 

You may need some mediation between your head and your heart first; that’s fine. Use Nienke’s test to find out who is talking to you: your head or your heart. From there, you can take your response-ability.  

For what frequencies do you want to be known for or be remembered for?
The complainer, attention seeker, gossipper, naming, blaming and shaming, judgemental righteous bias fighter to protect yourself and keep your armour up at all times? 
Or someone who listens, authentically, who can pause and follow through based on resonse-ability, empathy based on compassion and real care?  It’s up to you. 
Ceasefire starts within ourselves. 

You can listen to the last episode of 2023 here or on Spotify.

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