Sharing your voice

To provide the world with a voice, sharing your voice matters to Nienke. Her company, Presentation-Master, founded in 2012, is an expression of that care.

Over a decade, Nienke and her team trained and coached people who wanted to share what they deeply cared for with the world.
Presentation and public speaking skills are fundamental to authentically sharing this.
Nienke travelled all over the world to work with the best training in public speaking. She left the approach she was taught and taught herself because the big money-making purpose no longer fit her core values.

With the EASE method, Nienke developed self-esteem, and self-knowledge occurred as the main blockage to step up to the eleven of speaking with impact.
Sometimes, an unrevealed trauma needs healing first, such as being suppressed or bullied in the past for speaking your true voice. Trauma healing can be beneficial to overcome this all.


Peacebuilding and NVC techniques in communication were used by several peacebuilders, like Dr Scilla Elworthy and Sheva Carr, who trained Nienke. Nienke completed the year Program Businessplan For Pease and became a co-facilitator of the Mighty Heart program of Plan for Peace.

Nienke founded the Building Bridge Connecting Worlds initiative. With a group of women, she led the Building Bridges Peace Month in 2022 with interviews globally published and an international Peace Conference in the Former Royal Palace Soestdijk in 2022.

The Geneva Peaceweek.

For two years, Nienke has contributed to Geneva Peaceweek with a podcast in collaboration with Dr Scilla Elworthy, the Female Wave of Change and Kawtar El Aloui.


Nienke was raised in a family with a handicapped mother. When the time came to choose to study after high school, becoming a nurse seemed a natural choice. From her upbringing, looking after others has been rewarding and appreciated
Nienke climbed up to senior manager in elderly care and hospices. But she felt there was more to contribute to the world with her capacities.
After her BA, she was a single mum; she decided to become an entrepreneur.
First, in the area of values and motivational drives. She got her licence in Profile Dynamics based on Graves’ Spiral Dynamics.
When the financial crisis hit the world in 2008, she took a search for where she could be at service and get a decent income. Due to that opportunity, she became a serial entrepreneur. From the lessons she learned, she coached start-ups and scale-ups for about seven years.