My voice

My voice


Whenever an authentic voice is shared,
it sets up a resonance
that can be felt by others as a warm feeling,
a recognition from within.

It lifts your energy, creates solidarity,
as an inner sense of
‘yes’.. this is it !

I’ll be there for you,
from the heart.
Welcome Home…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Do you hear it?  

                                                            Nienke van Bezooijen

My Why
Since I was very young, I found out I could be of service to others: I ended up becoming a nurse. Using my emphatic skills and my helicopter view, I grew into high-level management in healthcare.
I knew there was more in life…. I re-birthed myself. I started an inner journey. I searched in what form and shape my talent could serve the world best: As an entrepreneur.

I balance the feminine and masculine qualities in designing your life or public speaking.
Once heard, you can never be unheard again….
Once seen, you can never be unseen anymore…..
On the path from inner purpose to outer impact, we leave our legacy by what we resonate into the world.

What am I?
I am a Mentor in a lighthouse style.
I am a conduit for guiding a person’s life energy so they increase their natural gravity and enlarge their impact—a balance between Masculine and Feminine qualities.
I am a conductor of a person’s transformation; it is time to make a dent in the universe through what we do and how we do it. It is time to create your legacy based on your resonance in the world. 

How do I work?
I tune in with people, with you.  I hear you before you speak.  I listen beyond your words.  I see how you may be afraid to step up into the power you have already begun to carve out for yourself.
I am willing to go beyond what is predictable together with you.
I can be straightforward in a Dutch-direct style. 
I don’t run after you; I shine a light on the path you didn’t recognise yet. 

My purpose
I open the connection between your heart and brain back where it belongs. Before you were born, your heart intelligence was created by your mental brain intelligence. Listen to the eldest and start aligning. 
Effortless effort tapping into your latitude self-leadership in areas in your life is the result.
I guide you in freeing your voice and choices, fulfilling your life even if life has challenged you with physical, mental or emotional limitations. 
Start living a heart-smart life


Heart and brain coaching: heart smart