Your North Star

Find your inner Compass

My life became so much easier the moment I found my inner compass, my own personal North Star.  Finding my North Star provided a ‘click’…  an inner shift for me. Once I found it I knew myself to never be without true guidance again. It provides me to act with purpose and power without any force. Also good news for you?
I know what to do and what my soul tells me to follow.  I stay centered and in flow with a determination and stamina to continue even when times get tough.  I also know that it can be the same for others, and I know that I can be the one to help them find their own “North Star”.

How is a STAR born? Mass is gathering, mass increases and than it starts to heat, until there is such heat it starts to radiate.
In our life we can gather critical mass in knowledge, connection, compassion. We start to radiate before we know it ourselves. People occur ‘suddenly’ into our life.

If we fight it we will to ‘get where we need to be’. When do you become a radiating star in our world you find people coming to you, supporting you or asking for your help. You will find also people who want to dim your light. Jealousy, attacks in all kinds of field are common. And still with true people around you, you will continue to shine your light on what needs it.

Being a north star to others requires courage, determination, compassion and self-knowledge. Can you look beyond what is seemly the reality. Do you dare to stay brave, even if the world doesn’t understand your message yet…. I am willing to be with you.
We need a constellation, all different and still connected to radiate in this world…

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