My inspiration

I am a stand for serving the new culture
based on the balance between the masculine and feminine qualities.
This is the synergy necessary for creating the new sustainable future for us all.

My inspirational Sources

Sclilla Elworthy
Scilla Elworthy
is a peace builder, founder of the Oxford Research Group, and three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Founder of Peace Direct, a charity supporting local peace-builders in conflict areas. Member of the World Future Council and co-founder of Rising Women Rising World.
Scilla gave me the insights about courage and overcoming your own ego limited beliefs.

Tim Kelley
Tim Kelly was to me the first one who spoke about the feminine and masculine qualities in a new balance. As founder of the True Purpose Institute, he contributes in a significant way to this balance. He is an extraordinary peacemaker in areas with a deep-rooted conflict as you can see in the video below.

Lynne Twist
Lynne Twist: “I call myself a proactivist. By that, I mean an activist for, not against. I’m drawn by a vision. I like to call myself a person who’s living a committed life, a life where my commitments have shaped me — commitments that I could never accomplish in my lifetime, ways of being and living that move us all forward. When you’re living a committed life, your own small desires start becoming petty. They move to the background and your commitment wakes you up in the morning and tells you what to wear, who to meet with, why to go here or there”.
Lynne gave me a totally new perspective on ‘money’ and my inner drives to create value combined with money to serve the world.

Bea Benkova
Bea Benkova is the founder of the Global Institute for Evolving Women. She inspired me to step up and become a leader for my country: the Netherlands.
“It is time for us to take responsibility for the current individualistic culture we have created, and to bring balance and harmony to our planet by co-creating a new culture – a culture based on paying attention to and valuing one another in all our magnificent diversity. A culture that frees male-centric qualities—such as direction, linearity, logic, and the impetus to protect and take action—to be expressed in a way that is non-oppositional. Within the new culture, all of our qualities, whether we perceive them as male-centric or female-centric, fit perfectly within the complete spectrum of qualities needed for humanity to thrive”.