My inspiration


Making a difference in someone else’s life doesn’t come from tricks or clever tools. It can only sustain if you have done your own inner work. 
Because sustainable transformation comes from within. 


My inspirational Sources


Since 2021 Nienke is a Certified HeartMath trainer. She was trained by Sheva Carr and Robert Browning of the HeartMath Institute.
From April 1st 2022 onwards, Nienke will expand her service to help people to build resilience based on the heart. 
In the mentoring, Nienke can work with you through heart ambassadors and HeartMastery.  
Or you can check her style and results in a free heart-seat session first. 


Scilla Elworthy
Scilla Elworthy
is a peace builder, founder of the Oxford Research Group, and three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Founder of Peace Direct, a charity supporting local peace-builders in conflict areas. Member of the World Future Council and co-founder of Rising Women Rising World.
Scilla gave me insights about courage and overcoming your own ego-limited beliefs.

Kawtar El Alaoui
With her work with Conscious Togetherness Kawtar is an international expert in the field of transformational education. She has more than 10 years of experience with multiple modalities and connected hundreds of people across the world with their core values, purpose, and larger positive impact in the world. Clients have made bold career shifts, moved across continents, created their dream careers, healed from abusive patterns, reshaped relationships, reclaimed their lost voice, transcended limiting cultural narratives, and inherited trauma.

Kawtar and Nienke 2019

Kawtar is a faculty with Leadership That Works India and Mighty Heart facilitator with The Business Plan for Peace.  Her programs focus on conscious communication, conflict transformation, cross-cultural understanding, diversity and inclusion, and soul purpose. 

Kawtar bridges eastern wisdom with western methodologies and has a deep understanding of human patterns and soul journeys. Kawtar’s programs enable you to create a life where who you are, what you believe in, your work and your leadership are in perfect balance and flow, in harmony within yourself, with your environment, and in service to a better world.

Lynne Twist
Lynne Twist: “I call myself a proactivist. By that, I mean an activist for, not against. I’m drawn by a vision. I like to call myself a person who’s living a committed life, a life where my commitments have shaped me — commitments that I could never accomplish in my lifetime, ways of being and living that move us all forward. When you’re living a committed life, your own small desires start becoming petty. They move to the background and your commitment wakes you up in the morning and tells you what to wear, who to meet with, why to go here or there”.
Lynne gave me a totally new perspective on ‘money’ and my inner drive to create value combined with money to serve the world.