My Mentoring

Over the years Nienke was asked to be a mentor for people in a wide range of organisations.
As a panellist at an international event in 2018 she got the question: what is the difference? Coach, trainer mentor? Why do you choose to be a mentor with what you do?
The answer is simple.
A trainer trains people content, a new skill to learn and explore.
A coach helps you to integrate a learned skill or a new together discovered skill. How do you start walking with this new still, you get from training during the first stage of the learning curve in accessing a competence.
Training wakes you up from unconscious ‘not knowing what you don’t know’.
Nienke is a trainer for public speaking with E.A.S.E. and HeartMath techniques.

A coach steps in supporting you to move from the conscious incompetent to the level of conscious competence.
All obstacles you might face along that journey: as a coach Nienke can keep an eye on the process of integration and keep you on track with the implementation.

As a mentor, Nienke prefers to stay beside you at your stage of unconscious competence. Keep you on edge so you walk the talk. She doesn’t need to train nor teach you something new, but she keeps you awake you walk your talk and be aware you talk your walk. As a mentor Nienke she beside you to stay aligned with who you truly are.

Nienke collaborates as a mentor with

Heart Ambassadors

Within HeartAmbassadors Nienke works with groups and individuals to access the full potential of the heart’s intuition.
HeartMath is a foundation with over 30 years of research on how HeartCoherence techniques help to be resilient physical, mental and intuitional. Sheva Carr is a teacher and mentor for many people around the world. Among Sheva’s many “hats” she is the Co-Vice President of United Nations Peace Messenger Organization Pathways To Peace, the founding CEO of Fyera! Inc, the architect of HeartMath’s HeartMastery program, the founding Executive Director of the Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids.
Nienke is in the process of expanding Heart Ambassadors™ and HeartMastery™ programs into Europe as well.
You can sign up for a 30-minute free exploration call to your heart with Nienke as a start, to the experience of what is there for you based on what your heart tells you rather than your mind telling your ‘truth’.
From there you chose your direction.

Conscious Togetherness

Conscious Togetherness works with teams and individuals, online and in person. Take your first step to creating your most purposeful life. This means you will create inner harmony, thriving relationships, and a delicious life of freedom from painful patterns, all while having a positive impact on the world. Nienke is closely connected with the founder of Conscious togetherness Kawtar El Alaoui who lived on 5 continents in her life, taking all her experiences to the person who worked through her inner work to a great outer impact.

Conscious Togetherness


Nienke collaborates with her teacher, mentor and friend Sandra Epstein. Nienke can bring into her personal mentoring with you, a deep transformation and integration facilitated by Ararêtama essences or other products. Emotional Fitness works on brain neuroplasticity by integrating the 3 vital centres of the human being; the instinctive, the sentimental and the intellectual. It is rebalancing and aligning these basic vibrational circuits in a way that allows new perceptions, experiences and a total approximation. The transformation is fully supported at all levels.
Nienke knows how to recognise signals of transformation that can show during this journey. Ararêtama essences give you an excellent opportunity to be supported from within. Based on decades of research and practising by Sandra Epstein, Nienke trust the process and integration. There are pre-selected sets to use or we can create a tailor-made program for you.

Mighty Heart

Business plan for Peace Might Heart courses
Nienke is one of the facilitators of the Mighty Heart Course, 10 weeks to bring your Might Heart to Mighty Actions.

The Might Heart at BusinessPlan for Peace

The speaker bureau Assemblee speakers

The collaboration with Maurice van der Kant, Assemblee speakers and Booking and Nienke goes a long way. Public speaking has transformed. It is not about your vanities, ego or cashing money quickly as a goal itself. First, you need to feel the deepest motivation to contribute to people, the world, with your public speaking. Maurice has a good sensor to pick these real inspirational speakers for an event in whatever form that is. Maurice works with his whole heart, globally and in the Netherlands. Together they created the change4joy, a podcast series to make people shift facilitated by inspirational stories from around the globe.

Assemblee Speakers
“I provide the world with your voice from the heart” Nienke van Bezooijen