Nienke and Peacebuilding

During the Geneva Peace Week 2020, Nienke contributed with a Podcast: “The key for rebalancing after disruptions starts with listening” by The Global Institute For Evolving Women, Conscious Togetherness, Business plan for Peace. Listening is Nienke’s most outstanding quality.

Listening is the most underestimated skill to master in conversations in general, and especially in peacebuilding. This podcast is transformational for your listening, supported by her friends:
Scilla Elworthy (UK) 3 times nominated for the Nobel Peace Price, TEDx speaker with over 1 million views, founder of the Businessplan for Peace, author of the Mighty Heart, Businessplan for Peace and Pioneering the possible.
Kawtar El Alaoui (CA) Leadership mentor and trainer, founder of Conscious Togetherness co-creator with Nienke of the GIFEW Impact Platform on Peace and Consciousness.

This podcast provides you with all you need to listen to oneself, others and what the world is asking from us.

Peace is a human right and more profitable than ever, now!
Business plan for Peace

Until now, there has been no clear, comprehensive, real-world vision and plan for implementing peace worldwide and in our communities. Many people feel powerless in the face of what they see on TV or read in the news;  a world in crisis, with wars and violence taking place across the globe. But Scilla Elworthy has written a book in 2017, Business plan for Peace. For all those who want to step out of helplessness and apply their personal skills to do something about the challenges now facing us.
On international Peace day September 21st 2018, Scilla Elworthy and Sheva Carr started stage two of the business plan for peace. By starting a year program for peace-builders they took the next step in making peace available for all.

For Nienke van Bezooijen it was a no-brainer if she would join and contribute actively in this new global group. This group embraces peace from within to create an outer impact.
The current exponential rise in citizen action shows how fast humanity is evolving toward a more awakened, empathic society. The book outlines what anyone who wants to be active to prevent violence and armed conflict can do!
There are  10 actions to take in your community, 14 actions to take nationally and 7 actions to take internationally.
It addresses the self-knowledge and inner development that is essential if people are to be effective in their efforts and provides trusted exercises to develop the skills needed to become inspiring builders of peaceful societies.
As a transformational leader, Nienke brings the alignment in giving voice to peace and encouragement to take real actions.

Nienke joined Scilla’s event in London on December 2018 to contribute in balancing the feminine, masculine: Wise Women, Wise Men, Wiser World, Women and Men. From there a new path developed.
On September 21st 2021, International Peace Day,  Nienke co-initiated the Buiding Bridges Connecting Worlds Movement with a live connecting peacebuilding day at the former Royal Palace Soestdijk in the Netherlands.  

Do you want to give your energy and voice to peace? Nienke can be your mentor and guide on this journey. Contact Nienke here