If the news is showing the New’s..

What if the news is showing the New’s…..?
Last November I joined the Online summit “transforming nations” from the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. Many international speakers shared their insights without marketing or personal interest, just driven by their sense of urgency to transform our globe. To transform to a world that is still a good place to be for our children. Barbara Marx Hubbard, Former nominee as vice president for the Democrats in 1984, now at the age of 88 she still takes a stand for the concept: work with what is working.

“News, she says, is rarely something new. It is shown because it is showing the failure. Failure we call news. But it isn’t. We can share news if it really is new. Working towards new solutions based on what is working, not what is failing. Crisis is a verb. Use it that way to create improvement, not to paralyse us”.

Or JoeWeston. “Men are the midwife’s to the new culture, protector of the new paradigm of equality”. So no ‘getting your right the testosterone way’ as many politicians do now, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, USA…..

Tim Kelley, He developed a method with all diverse stakeholders and got them in one day on the ‘same page’. Just because he was able to make the connection of standing for your country. Sharing values. He made it work in Colombia and Israel. Not the most predictable countries for an outcome in this field. It is proven, there is a mutual respect and willingness to get solutions. We just ave to do it!

Scilla Elworthy bringing peace in the world very cost effective with her business-plan for Peace.

If I share about these programs and mindset I’m often asked: why isn’t this in our country. I’ve asked the founder of #GIFEW @BeaBenkova, the same question: “Nienke make it happen, was here answer. Gather 20 people around you and make it work in the Netherlands. You know what to do”. Yes indeed I know, so:

From January 1st 2018 I start in the Netherlands my first group of 20 like minded people. Men and Women. They need to feel the urge to serve the Netherlands the feminine way. To bring the transformation based on dialogue, compassion, respect, focused on what is working, and what needs to be visible in the seemly impossible transition.

I found my foundation in the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women. They are opening an option for membership.

I’m setting up my base in the Netherlands from January 1st 2018 onward. If diplomacy and respect is in your capillary vessels. If you are willing to go beyond ego and collaboration is your drive……If you dare to create another sound, to give vocation to the balance between the feminine and masculine capacities: you are the one I’m looking for.

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