Heart-seat session

It is all inside you already

Nienke gives heart-seat sessions. Are you familiar with getting all personal attention being in a business hot seat?
This is the same personal attention without the anxiety business hot seats usually give people. It is facilitated by heart!
Despite our intuition ‘telling us’ differently, we generally let our minds decide. The regret often comes later.

If you feel you are ‘off track’, don’t feel aligned with what you feel is the right path any longer and what you do in day to life? Do you experience stress and fatigue? Are you stuck on how to move on?
Maybe you need your own consultant? A consultant who knows you best, who is wise, honest and fearless?

You have it all inside yourself. Nienke facilitates connecting with your inner consultant: your heart.
When you recognise the signals to value your heart and brain equally, then you find access to align yourself and become effective with effortless effort. I call it becoming Heart Smart.

Master your heart-brain alignment

How to start your heart-brain alignment?
The first 30-minute intake to your heart and the technique to connect with your heart is free.
You decide afterwards if you need and want more coaching.If you want specified modules to follow with like-minded and like-hearted you can join Heartambassadors and use the Heart Mastery program.

Get your feelings and thinking in sync!
Learn to become YOU: coherent.

Authenticity, wisdom, and listening

Over the years, Nienke was trained on ‘how to stay ahead of the crowd in marketing, being smarter, more powerful and beating the competition’. At the time, she was convinced that would help her to ‘make it’. It is all ‘outside world’.
Authenticity, wisdom, and listening were pulling more and more.
Life threw Nienke out of this ‘grab your success’ world.
She learned to develop her intuition as a strong northstar to guide her. That’s how the heart talks to the brain.

All was unveiled and what stayed is: giving powerful mentoring on how to stay true to yourself, feeling alive and aligned with who you really are. Stress-reducing, heart and brain aligned, no energy leaks that will drain you.

Were all significant investments in that field a waste of money? It all depends on how you look at that.
All we do in life helps us to grow. The outcome is a different field for Nienke. From ego goal focus to becoming heart-smart. So can you.
And at least nowadays, she is true to herself. It is not how you come across; it is who you are. It is not the material legacy that people will remember; it’s how you showed up: resonance legacy!

grow heart smart

And if you DO know, what or who are you waiting for?
Start aligning yourself, and become coherent, become heart-smart. From stress struggling, you can start coherent designing and be effortless and efficient because, finally, you act from heart intention aligned with your brain knowledge!
Do you need support? Contact Nienke and get started, starting with a heart-seat.