Heart-brain coaching options

Life planning

Coaching options are available for those seeking to strengthen their heart-brain connection. It is imperative to explore these options as they can significantly improve one’s physical and mental well-being. Don’t hesitate to take charge of your health and explore these coaching options now.
If you feel like you are in the hamster-wheel and rat race, you are tired; you think you have to prove and improve yourself constantly, but it leaves a pressure on you do can’t seem to remove….
If your life’s design doesn’t seem to fit your genuine desire, and it feels like a failure if you step up for yourself?
If you are unsure what next steps to take in your work, how to communicate in a way that sounds true to yourself rather than pleasing….
Leave behind your good boy or girl syndrome and mature in a style that fits you in today’s reality.
Life planning coaching is a 3-months package that supports the shifts you can make based on your heart-brain alignment. Weekly, ‘find your life’s blueprint and start acting with effortless effort’ because the blockages are removed.
In 12 sessions, you get your tailor-made roadmap for how to design your life without feeling off track any longer.

Stress and emotional self-regulation

You have been diagnosed with burnout-related stress; you feel triggered by what others say and do to you.
Your sleep is disturbed, or you have trouble maintaining your physical and mental energy.
You face grief and losses at work or in social or family situations. Feeling overwhelmed makes you short-tempered, or you become increasingly quiet.
High blood pressure and stress-related headaches, your thoughts are not positive and difficult to turn around, and feelings of anxiety or even fibromyalgia disrupt your daily life. It’s hard to feel relaxed with all the pressures in your life.
Caring for others takes its toll, and you don’t know how to change the circumstances.
You feel unheard when you have to stand up for yourself, which exhausts you even more.
Loneliness is just around the corner. If only someone would listen to you!
In the 3-month coaching package on emotional self-regulation, Nienke teaches you how to stop and close your energy leaks with HeartMathâ„¢ techniques.
This coaching includes an inner balance sensor to improve your physical biofeedback as you journey out of your exhausting patterns. Learn how to take charge of your life and health again.

Trust yourself first

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