Speaking from the heart

Speaking from the heart will be picked up as authentic public speaking. In the book The Speaker Success Solution written by Nienke in 2015, she speaks already about energy. Your energy occurs way before you open your mouth.
In her E.A.S.E. method, she even starts with energy.
How to walk your talk from the heart, she shared in her TEDx talk in May 2022
If you listen closely, you will find all steps of E.A.S.E. covered in this talk.

Fear of sharing your authentic voice blocks many people from letting themselves be heard at all. Unlocking the language from your heart and expressing yourself will be much easier.
Working with Nienke in the combination of public speaking and heart coherence in communication will bring you freedom of self-expression. The benefits can be you will be understood, recognised and respected for what you say and how you say it!

Authentic speaking whether it is in 1-1 conversation or speaking to groups starts with heart-based words, tonality and dynamics,and is aligned with your bodylanguage.

Nienke van Bezooijen

If you add Heart to your speaking you will see it helps you to shift in how others will feel hearing you. Besides that, it influences also how you will feel yourself. negative talk is never seen as uplifting. In the end, you will feel depleted.
Especially when you add heart-based Listening to your communication it will help you to gain more positive impact than you imagined.