My Heart

Heart-based living is a choice of the heart, not the brain. How often do you listen to your heart? As a certified HeartMath™ trainer and HeartAmbassador Nienke has the skills and capacities to help you to build your resilience. HeartMath™ techniques and easy access tools have improved her life forever. The good news is that we all have a heart and to it, at any time You might know this. My question for you is: do you use your heart’s intelligence to optimize your energy throughout your day? We all have access to HeartMastery
Using the HeartMath™ techniques reduces your stress levels by creating cardiac coherence. Through this breathing procedure, the heart synchronizes itself with the breathing frequency. This is why we can speak about cardiac “coherence”. In other words, cardiac coherence leads to physical and emotional harmonization: it helps to restore a physiological balance between the heart, the brain and the body.
We can check whether we lose or deplete our energy and what emotions make us filled with gained or renewed energy.
Especially with pandemic stress and war stress, more than ever, we need to be aware of how we can be self-resilient physically and mentally healthy. Unlock your hearts’ potential with Nienke to get there.

The brain and the heart

The brain gets fueled by the heart.
The oxygen the heart brings from the lungs makes our brain able to function.
Brain and Spine rehab incorporated HeartMath training into their rehabilitation program because of the instant effect heart coherence has on how our brain functions.
Also Brain and Spine founder Arjan Kuipers did his solid background research and started his collaboration with StrokeRebel Linda Radestad. You can hear in her TEDx talk (Nienke helped her prepare this talk) how she is a baken of hope for brain-injured people, globlally.