Heart and Brain coaching

Over the years, Nienke discovered there is a portal that will support the damaged brain. She was told there was nothing to do to heal her brain after the damage from radiotherapy. “Nothing doesn’t exist in her dictionary.
Guided by her Heart Ambassador coach Sheva Carr, Nienke worked hard on fine-tuning her instrument of recovery based on heart-coherence techniques. Nienke became an expert in heart and brain coaching.
The physical part was done by Arjan Kuipers. He gave evidence of where the areas were to train, specifically for Nienke.
This heart and brain coaching paid off! Arjan and Linda asked Nienke to collaborate with them.
Within the Stroke.rehab in Zutphen and Cyprus, Nienke started to add the HeartMath breathing techniques combined with HeartMastery mindset shifts.
There is so much more we can do after an acquired brain injury like a stroke, concussion or long COVID side effects.
Nienke experienced that there is hardly any knowledge available on how to grab your life back after an acquired brain injury.
It can be harder to be with the emotions you feel; short-term memory loss and aphasia are just a few of the areas in life that can do with understanding, heartfelt explanation and practical tools to regain your energy. Nothing fluffy or airy-fairy. The real practises will support you more.
Brain and Spine rehab practises disruptive rehabilitation. The recovery of the brain can do with the HeartMath support of breathing and emotional regulation techniques. The first step is working with the inner balance sensor.
Direct biofeedback can be a great eye-opening portal on how to regulate yourself independently.
Here you can find NL, UK, and global distributors.
For people who are facing acquired brain damage, there is hope.
We never say it easy and bring you back completely where you were.
We see you, we work with you as tailor-made as possible and focus on what is your next step in the here and now.
During the two weeks of intensive training in Cyprus, one of the participants shared:

I lived in a plastic bag after my stroke, I couldn’t find a way out. With this disruptive rehab, I found my way out.
This is what I wish for more people to get: There is a way out after your Stroke.

Stroke hero from Texas USA

Nienke’s speciality of being with traumatic events in your life and building your life up after an event like a stroke, concussion or COVID can bring you an opportunity to find your life’s purpose again.
There are often enough forces around you that will highlight what you can’t do. Now it is time to add what you can. Even if that’s something totally different from your past.
Nienke’s BA and management business background can be beneficial for you in adjusting techniques to bring an understanding of acquired brain injuries to the workspace as well. Her 25 years of experience in healthcare helps to understand the healthcare industry, where many brain-injured people feel lost and ignored. You matter!
We will look together how to bring your qualities of the past and the present together. Most of the time, way more than you think! Heart and brain coaching can shift you ‘I can’t be at value anymore’ perspective.

Where Brain.rehab has the main focus on your physical rehab, the heart’s intelligence will support you in regaining your capacities. Getting your heart and brain in sync is the key. Heartmath years of study on how heartmath can support recovery after stroke is a helpful validation for people who want to take the recovery step.
Compensating and avoidance behaviour is often seen as ‘the solution’. Effectively dosed stress, challenge and invitation to be with your A.B.I. is the new ‘disruptive’ approach that can lead to a new life beyond expectations you could see so far.