Heart Ambassadors

For several years Nienke has been involved with HeartAmbassadors™ as a member. A group of like-hearted people around the globe, meeting daily online for 30 minutes to stay on top of the heartMath™ skill at a personal level.
Heart Ambassadors come from all walks of life . . . (Parents, students, therapists, coaches, artists, doctors, business people, elders, teachers, UN mediators and negotiators, bus drivers, chefs, you name it) . . .and Nienke is one of them. Heartambassadors are not defined by their vocation, profession, or political orientation.
They are defined by their ability to use their voices and actions to express human caring wherever they are and whatever they do. The heart ambassador’s orientation is toward a worldview that recognizes our oneness as a foundation for our optimal future, personally and collectively.
Nienke is well on the way to starting these daily quick connections with like-hearted people in the European time zones as well. so, stay tuned if you like your daily energy boost as well.

Are you interested in reducing stress and being physically and mentally resilient for what comes on your life path? Cardiac Heart coherence can be the key for you too.
*Are you experiencing difficulty reducing your stress symptoms?
* Do you feel you can have areas of your life with more being inflow than strains?
You can book a 30 minutes free consultancy to discover together with Nienke how to improve fast and easily.
You can book a 30-minute free, personal consultation call with Nienke here.
Nienke’s heart’s desire is to hear your heart and mentor you on your way to speaking from your heart. Start living from yours from your heart’s intelligence and wisdom.
Check out more on the Speak from your heart page.

Why is Nienke an expert in the voice of your heart?
HeartMath helped her to understand and, from there, become licenced to train others to use the tools as well.
These techniques helped Nienke to regain lifeforce and continue her resilience and more. Alignment matters.
If you know that science shows the heart sends more signals to the brain than the other way around, we have an opportunity to benefit from that every day.