Collaboration is the key element for the future. Therefore Nienke is Mentor of The Global Institute For Evolving Women. GIFEW exist for the purpose of bringing about a new culture for humanity based on expressing feminine qualities. Since 2019 Nienke is a faculty member at GIFEW.

Bea Benkova’s Vision, to promote and accelerate the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of Evolving Women”.

   The Global Institute for Evolving Women (GIFEW) exists to transform the world through the aligned power of extraordinary, evolving women.
GIFEW is a global multi-dimensional platform for transformational education, connection and synergistic collaboration of conscious women leaders around the world. We believe it is unleashing the power of women leaders and working in collaboration with men that will bring about the change we wish to see in the world.  

GIFEW brings together over 11 years of experience in training, coaching, mentoring and connecting women leaders from 5 different continents and across different sectors and domains including leading women executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals working in diverse areas.

Stepping up and leading by leveraging the feminine qualities in one’s teams, organizations, businesses, family, community, and society.

Since it’s creation GIFEW has trained and connected hundreds of women leaders around the globe.
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What is the GIFEW Commitment to the World?

At GIFEW we are committed to empowering women changemakers to be the catalyst to bring forth the culture of “WE”. Our mission is to educate, calibrate and synergistically connect female game changers from various sectors and countries to be the catalyst for societal transformation in their own countries.

Through collaboration and synergies, we empower women to become the catalyst for societal transformation in their respective regions and ultimately to be the catalyst for global transformation.

Our vision is that in the new culture, women and men operate together harmoniously at an entirely new level. Does this resonate with you? Join us