For politicians

Politicians: Be a voice, not an echo!

“Many people feel powerless today, and populists are creating the illusion that direct democracy will empower everyone. The real solution towards civic empowerment is “citizen lobbying”. Make your voice heard, influence public decision making, make an impact in our society. Find your voice to create a better society”. Alberto Alemanno.

Over the last years, Nienke became naturally involved as a speaker’s mentor in the field of politics. She was contacted by political leaders who felt there are another voices and actions needed to enhance citizens and stop polarisation. In politics is all about enhancement and impact.
Nienke worked with politicians on a local, national and international level. Speaking with impact is the obvious outcome in all the mentoring Nienke gives. The standards: Authentic, Clear and Effective are always the norm.

What can Nienke do for you as a politician who wants to stand out from the crowd?

  • Individual mentoring in your speeches and overall performance with impact
  • Your personal mentor for 12 months for mentoring on demand, new clients by intake only
  • Ghostwriting or being your speeches spin-doctor on your upcoming performance
  • Getting the authentic you across in the field of politics and influence your audience with a natural impact
  • Feedback on your previous performances based on your subject-matter, tonality and body language
    No one thrives from only thumbs up, let your performance improve with the recent opinion of a professional outsider.

If you are interested, please contact Nienke for a free personal intake to discover what mentoring is the best match for you.

What is the difference between working Nienke and other coaches?

The most common speaking style in the political field is to persuade, convince or even manipulate your opposition. Aristoteles wrote his ‘Ars Rethorica’, the art of persuasion techniques are still used nowadays. It isn’t about the truth; it is about how the ‘truth’ is offered to the audience. This technique we point out as ‘framing’.
If you work with Nienke, she will demonstrate how to avoid the manipulative form of framing. We transform this ‘framing’ in igniting other possibilities for your opponent based on the power of inclusion, collaboration. We are more and more drifting apart in the field of politics from democracy. Polarisation seems the standard. Elite political professionals who had just the knowledge and no practical roots in society, pretend to be the voice of the citizens. No wonder the gap is increasing between the governments, citizens, society. Although it might seem the field of politics is hard to transform, the politicians who act from integrity and a sincere desire to create long-lasting results work with Nienke. Together we give a new voice to what about matters to you. Do you dare to sound different in how your unit with the inclusion of our differences? Do you stand out from the crowd based on authenticity, clarity?

Active in the field

After hosting the Constellation summit on Conscious Politics Nienke decides to continue her journey to give voice to politics. She became one of the initiators of the Impact Platform on Conscious Politics.
The  GIFEW Global Impact Platform on Conscious Politics is the space for collaboration and exchanging resources with the purpose to improve politics. We empower grassroots initiatives, conscious politicians, and business leaders who want a return on impact. The platform creates a unique space for these three groups to raise consciousness in politics around the world.
What is conscious politics? Now more than ever, each and every one of us has an important role to play in our democracy.  We face political polarisation, the rise of far-right movements in Europe, and populism in the US.
The gap between governments and citizens, the rich and the poor, people and the planet is growing. The GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Politics exists to activate the transformation of humanity through conscious politics.
Our Vision: The global GIFEW Impact Platform on Conscious Politics connects globally citizens, politicians and societies to develop consciousness in how we create together a future based on inclusion and participation.
We educate men and women, connect people and communities and exchange knowledge and experiences as an accessible resource, globally.
Why of the Initiators of the Platform: The initiators have started with our core team of enthusiastic members from all over the world to set the solid foundation on a new build Impact Platform that doesn’t exist in this form and shape in the world yet.
We share values like ethics, inclusion, shared responsibilities, reliability, compassion and equality of gender, background and place in the world where you live.

Who do we serve?

  • Citizen Activists and Grassroots Initiatives active in politics.
  • Politicians and people running for office.
  • Conscious business leaders and financial donors who want a return on an impact on projects that matter to them.

Nienke interviewed for the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women politicians from all over the world. From Ms Kim Campbell, first and only former Prime Minister of Canada, to Dr Josephine Zgheib the Lebanese Lioness fighting against corruption.