Nienke became involved in 2017 with the Female Wave of Change 





She started as an ambassador for the FWoC and as the development of the organisation went on she became part of the wise women circle. Nienke will take on a mentor position in the new leadership program end of 2018.
Female Wave of Change mission is to create and grow the group of female changemakers and leaders. Women taking responsibility to build the future of their families, their communities and the world.
Female Wave of Change offers women of all walks of life, a platform where awareness will be created that women are responsible for their own future and will be inspired to take action and make change happen together.
FWoC embraces change by inspiring women worldwide to connect, share knowledge and experience and to initiate a wave of new opportunities.
The core values
EMBRACE DIVERSITY FWoC celebrates a very diverse group of women where each and every woman can be their authentic self and is treated with respect. #EmbraceDiversity
EQUAL CHANCES FWoC offers an equal chance to develop talents as an individual, as an entrepreneur and as a leader. #EqualChances
RESPONSIBILITY FWoC stimulates women to be proactive, to take responsibility for their own future and become the change. #Responsibility
DARE2DREAM FWoC offers an environment where women start dreaming. #Dare2Dream
CIRCULAR LEARNING FWoC stimulates women to take action and really make it happen. There will be freedom to experiment, to fail, to reflect and re-create. #CircularLearning #LearnByDoing #TrialandError
TOGETHER WE WIN FWoC contributes to creating WINning together situations, where women work together becoming happy and successful by making others happy and successful. #TogetherWeWIN
STIMULATE COMPASSION FWoC supports the golden rule ‘what you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others’ (Confucius) should be leading in all our actions. #StimulateCompassion
HEART2HEART FWoC believes that by connecting, reaching out on a heart to heart level, by sharing knowledge and experience, we will achieve more. #SocialResponsibility #Heart2Heart

Global Goals Female Wave of Change takes responsibility for a better future by embracing the Global Goals for Sustainable Development as set by 193 world leaders in September
2015. If these goals are completed it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030.