Conscious Togetherness

You can find Nienke within Conscious Togetherness in the wisdom circles and coaching
Wisdom does not come from knowledge, it comes from integrating the insights gained from life’s experiences. Our wisdom circles provide a space of rejuvenation, and calm, which enables a deepening of your presence, listening to the whispers of your life, and strengthening your well-being practices.
You can find Nienke in the Conscious Togetherness Webinar series and learn more about Kawtar El Alaoui in the podcast of Change4Joy.

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Programs like working from your Genius or Join the Work As Joy revolution! This means you will shift from stuckness and lack of satisfaction in your career to clarity about what lights you up inside, how you can use it to make the world a better place while being comfortable financially, creating amazing collaborations, and taking into account all personal circumstances. Conscious Togetherness works in teams and on an individual basis.