Assemblee Speakers

Nienke collaborates as trainer and coach for numerous TEDx events globally with the team of Presentation-Master
Assemblee Speaker bureau
Friend and owner of Assemblee Speakers Maurice van der Kant says: “I always tell speakers that the public is the stage today. I appreciate our speakers’ willingness to be open and candid with their audiences. Not everyone can or will do this. But just sitting behind a desk does not provide an energetic theatre evening. The goal remains to really connect with and help people. What inspires and motivates them in this rapidly changing world.”
That’s why Nienke only works with Assemblee and Maurice’s other initiative BookingWorld


Together with Maurice Nienke hosts a podcast series named Change4Joy. Transformational stories in 18 minutes.
If you have a story to tell and you like to be on these Podcast series you can sign up here.
The biggest lessons to share by and for PEOPLE around the WORLD. Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Changemakers, thought leaders at all stages in life …People like you and me.
Created with love and from the heart: TO INSPIRE. TO HELP. TO GIVE HOPE. TO SPREAD POSITIVITY! So that even you can change for joy.